Service Areas

Partnering with ESRAC

ESRAC’s Internationally known research collaborators in The UA Zuckerman College of Public Health and Colleges throughout The University of Arizona offer a wide range of specialized expertise, with state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories, equipped with advanced monitoring and analysis equipment for studying environmental impacts on human health.
ESRAC has the vision and leadership to identify and bring together an interdisciplinary team of ESRAC researchers for any size of service or research project. ESRAC can manage and monitor the service or research project every step of the way. ESRAC will facilitate the design, initiation, and completion of the service or research project to ensure peak performance.


Collaborating with ESRAC

ESRAC is seeking to build lasting relationships with industrial, municipal, and governmental entities and offers a variety of partnering options through:

  • Sponsored Projects
  • Contract Research
  • Service Agreements
  • Consulting Contracts
  • Guest Speaking / Lecture Contracts
  • Workshops / Training Contracts

ESRAC Service Areas

Sample Collection / Assessment and Archive

ESRAC provides a wide range of sample collection and assessment services, and can archive samples in -80° C or liquid nitrogen.
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Evaluation of Instrument / Assay Reliability and Validity

ESRAC can provide evaluation services for either laboratory studies conducted in the lab or in real world environments.
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Development of Regional and Population-Specific Exposure Factors

Exposure factor data such as consumer product use or ventilation rates can vary by region or population group. ESRAC has experience measuring and estimating various housing-related exposure factors as well as age-specific activity and time use factors.
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Risk, Cost Benefit and Exposure Modeling

We offer tiered evaluations using scientifically defensible and innovative approaches – from screening-level and baseline assessments of chemical and microbial exposure, to computationally-intensive analysis.
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Intervention Efficacy Evaluation

These services focus on applied research that includes the human behavior component. Studies are conducted in real world settings made possible by the partnerships we have developed with community members.
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Study Design and Population Recruitment / Survey

Outreach, Including Graduate Education, Technology Transfer and Web-Based Systems