Leaders in Environmental Science

Integrating Public Health with Environmental Research

The University of Arizona is ranked first in the U.S. and second in the world for environmental science research1. UA researchers excel at interdisciplinary collaboration across a broad range of topics related to environmental hazard identification and human health effects. The Environment, Exposure Science and Risk Assessment Center (ESRAC) at the University of Arizona Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, integrates public health impact assessment across existing environmental research disciplines.
1 Journal Science of the Total Environment, 2012

Building Bridges, Reaching Out

ESRAC is funded by Water, Environmental, and Energy Solutions (WEES) and located in the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. ESRAC promotes interdisciplinary research involving academic and industry cooperatives. The Center brings together local and global partners with interests in exposure science and human health risk assessment including, but not limited to, UA faculty, academic professionals, staff, students and community and industry stakeholders. Internationally recognized MEZCOPH researchers offer the opportunity to incorporate human health impact assessments with other environmental research conducted across disciplines, creating new collaborations and expanding existing research programs to address the needs of communities, industries, and other stakeholders.


ESRAC’s mission is to provide expertise to industry, the community, and researchers in the areas of human exposure science and risk assessment of chemical, biological and physical hazards to workers and communities, with an emphasis on healthcare-acquired infections. The approach promotes viewing environmental exposures in the context of human health and safety through hazard identification, monitoring and modeling of exposures, health effects and risks, intervention, mitigation and economic impact of these exposures.


ESRAC’s vision is to build on the internationally recognized research of UA faculty in multimedia, multi-pathway hazard assessment, risk to various populations and human populations; and expand as a world-renowned center of exposure and risk science aimed at disease reduction and promotion of health and safety.